Driving School Instructor Bernadette


My name is Bernadette and I am an addict... A driving addict.  

I love driving and I love teaching people of all ages to drive, not only safely, but confidently.  

I choose to teach in a manual and my aim is to alleviate any fear of it being too hard.  Anyone can do it.  It is a great accomplishment and a skill for life. 

My training began by teaching over 400 hours of driving as a parent, so I know first hand how stressful it can feel.  Although not fun to start with, I gained a great insight into the development of the teenage brain in relation to understanding instructions, making decisions and performing complex manoeuvres.  With this understanding I have developed the ability to confidently teach while remaining patient, calm and stress free.  Ideal conditions for a student… of any age.


I look forward to taking the stress out of your driving experience and turning it into confidence. 

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