Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer


Hello - My name is Harish, 

I've always been a motorsport enthusiast. I have been a Brisbane resident for more than thirteen years and most of it in transport industry. I believe this experience has helped me in developing and following safe driving practices. I always believe in doing things right and there is no shortcut. 

Apart from English, I am fluent in Hindi and Telugu languages. I am a father with two kids and I believe in giving the kids the right opportunity to believe and develop themselves. 

I am excited to work with you in helping achieve your goals.

Reviews 5 Star Rating


Harish is very knowledgeable about the road rules and corrects your mistakes with patience

He helped me understand the logic behind manoeuvring the car and how to calmly manage situations

I definitely recommend Harish as your driving instructor

It was a lot of fun learning to drive under his instruction


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