My goal as an Accredited Driver Trainer is teaching you all the skills required, to become a great driver.

You will achieve the goal of passing your driving test with confidence.
I guarantee to go that extra mile, when teaching you  safe driving techniques along with defensive driving.

These skills will last you a lifetime.

Being a motorcyclist, for nearly thirty years.
I can truly understand the importance of road safety and how to recognise Hazards.

I look forward to hearing from you and passing on all my knowledge and skills, while watching you improve with every single lesson.

Thanks again.  

Reviews 5 Star Rating


Craig is a really excellent driving instructor. I've had my fair share of driving instructors, but he definitely stands out as the most direct and effective. His teaching method is easy to follow, and he's incredibly patient, never hesitating to go over things repeatedly until you get the hang of it. He's been a huge help in correcting my driving mistakes and breaking those bad habits. On top of that, he's great at explaining complex techniques and road rules in a way that's easy to understand. As an older driving student, I've had my share of lessons, and I can confidently say that Craig played a significant role in helping me get my driver's license and boosting my confidence as a safe driver.


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