My goal as an Accredited Driver Trainer is teaching you all the skills required, to become a great driver.

You will achieve the goal of passing your driving test with confidence.
I guarantee to go that extra mile, when teaching you  safe driving techniques along with defensive driving.

These skills will last you a lifetime.

Being a motorcyclist, for nearly thirty years.
I can truly understand the importance of road safety and how to recognise Hazards.

I look forward to hearing from you and passing on all my knowledge and skills, while watching you improve with every single lesson.

Thanks again.  

Reviews 5 Star Rating


Hi all Yesterday I was extremely happy and i was cry much because I passed the practical test...One more time i wanna say big thank you to Friend Craig who helped me heaps in driving,he taught me lots of tips how to drive nicely on road.I feel so confident when i learn with him and he did a good job!Nice man and so helpful. Thanks heaps to him Craig he such as a nice teacher whom i have never seen Great job


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