Learn to Drive the Smart Way
with Metro Driving School
And you'll get your Yeronga driving lessons done faster,
cheaper and pass your driving test like a boss!

Yeronga Payment Plan
just $25 Per Week

A 10 lesson package paid over (26 weeks) 6 months


A great driving lesson deal for Yeronga beginners!

The Best Driving Lessons Yeronga has to offer


Welcome! So you or someone you know is embarking on an exciting journey: learning to drive in Yeronga.

Or possibly that adventure has already started and the pressure is on... the driving test is booked and it's time to get test ready!

You can stop all the worrying. We can help take the pressure off...

Or perhaps you're just thinking "how much are driving lessons in Yeronga?"

It's a good question. Pricing is important. Nobody wants to waste money. Which is why we offer a 100% money back guarantee to all our new students so you can feel safe putting your trust in us when you book with one of our driving instructors.

Since its inception in 1965, Metro Driving School has earned a strong reputation built on reliability and trust providing quality driving lessons at cheap prices all across Brisbane and we are an RACQ Approved Driving School on a mission to make Queensland's road safer...

But that's enough about us...

Let's look at how we can help you...

We can cater to almost any requirement.

We have:

  •   knowledgeable male and female instructors in Yeronga
  •   professional manual and automatic approved driving instructors in Yeronga
  •   a wide range of driving lesson offers at affordable prices

And we have an easy to navigate booking system
that allows you to book a driving lesson anytime,
day or night.

You don't even need to pick up the phone to get started. Just enter Yeronga as the suburb where you would like your driving lesson to take place. Then you can view which instructors we have operating in Yeronga. Choose an instructor. Then choose a date and time from their diary. And you're all set to start... Easy as! Give it a try...

Take control of your driving lessons


Being young these days is hectic and tough. We can start and finish your driving lessons from your Yeronga home or South Brisbane school or college.

Automatic Driving Lessons South Brisbane

Learning to drive is a lot easier with the luxuries of power steering and all the modern features of new modern cars. All of our accredited instructors are proud to conduct their driving lessons in modern fully insured dual-controlled driving school vehicles.


No Stress Guaranteed


We guarantee it... They'll be no stress or shouting when on lesson. We strive to provide a driving lesson experience that is calm, relaxed and safe. And that is exactly our approach at Metro Driving School.

Logbook Help

Are you under 25? Then you'll need to log a minimum of 100 hours driving. Don't worry though. Book 10 driving lessons with us and it will count as 30 logged hours. You'll have those P's in no time You'll have those P's in no time!


Male and Female Instructors


We get requests all the time for male and female instructors. The good news is we have both male and female driving instructors all over Yeronga. Give us a call today to book your lessons now.

Amazing South Brisbane Gift Ideas

There a few gifts your could give as life changing as learning to drive. And we make it easy. Build your personalised gift voucher online and send it to that special someone.


Yerong’s Most Experienced Driving Instructors

RACQ Approved Metro Driving School - Yeronga

  •   Training you every step of the way.
  •   Proudly RACQ-approved driving school
  •   All driving lessons conducted by experienced and qualified instructors.
  •   Individual driving lesson plans helping you gain the skills and be test-ready.
  •   Affordably priced, making quality education accessible.
  •   Drive only the safest, modern vehicles.

Making quality driving instruction affordable

Get test ready the easy way. Metro Driving School is the affordable choice for driving education, offering lessons with experienced instructors in Yeronga. We help everyone gain the skills they need to succeed behind the wheel. Book one of our introductory lesson package and get one of the best rates on driving lessons in the city.

Professional Driving Lessons in Yeronga

Searching for professional driving lessons in Yeronga with Professional driving instructors in Yeronga  you have found exactly what you need - RACQ Approved Metro Driving School  Yeronga– we’ll teach you the skills you need to be a competent safe driver 

Expert driving instructors

At Metro Driving School, we know what is needed for students for their first-time behind the wheel to a successful pass. An RACQ-approved school, we deliver an exceptional, standard of education, all lessons conducted by knowledgeable and qualified instructors with years of experience behind the wheel. We take a complete and through approach to your education, teaching skills not just for the test but for life. In the car with our driving instructors is the perfect time to start building good habits and skills, for a lifetime of safe driving. Whether you drive an automatic or a manual, we can help you feel confident and competent behind the wheel.

We know each student has different needs during their education, so we adjust each of our lessons to your specific requirements, helping you address weaknesses in your driving style so you step into your test ready to pass. What’s more, we’ll only advance to the next topic when you feel ready, so you can learn at the pace that suits you. Our goal is for you to feel comfortable with our driving instructors, so you can get the most from every session.

The convenient choice in driving lessons

Book today through our convenient online portal and reserve exactly the time, date and duration of lesson that suits you. With Metro Driving School, it’s easier than ever to learn when and where it suits you, so make a booking today and find out why we’re the preferred school of so many learners across Yeronga.

Instructors in Yeronga

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