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And you'll get your Wynnum driving lessons done faster,
cheaper and pass your driving test like a boss!


A great driving lesson deal for Wynnum beginners!

The Best Driving Lessons Wynnum has to offer


Welcome! So you or someone you know is embarking on an exciting adventure: learning to drive in Wynnum.

Or maybe that adventure has already started and the pressure is on... the driving test is booked and it's time to get test ready!

Worry not. We can help take the pressure off...

Or maybe you're just curious about "how much are driving lessons in Wynnum?"

It's a good question. Pricing is important. No one wants to waste money. Which is why we offer a 100% money back guarantee to all our new students so you can feel safe putting your trust in us when you book with one of our driving instructors.

Since its inception in 1965, Metro Driving School has earned a solid reputation built on reliability and trust providing top quality driving lessons at affordable prices all across Brisbane and we are an RACQ Approved Driving School on a mission to make Queensland's road safer...

But that's enough about us...

Let's look at how we can help you...

We can cater to almost any requirement.

We have:

  •   experienced male and female instructors in Wynnum
  •   expert manual and automatic driving instructors in Wynnum
  •   a wide range of driving lesson offers at affordable prices

And we have an easy to navigate booking system
that allows you to book a driving lesson anytime,
day or night.

You don't even need to pick up the phone to get started. Just enter Wynnum as the suburb where you would like your driving lesson to take place. Then you can view which instructors we have operating in Wynnum. Choose an instructor. Then choose a date and time from their diary. And you're all set to start... Easy as! Give it a try...

Learn to drive your way


Being young these days is hectic and tough. Whether you're at home, college or work we will always collect and drop you off at the start and end of your driving lesson.

The Best Fleet in Wynnum

Learning to drive is a lot easier with the luxuries of power steering and all the modern features of new modern cars. All of our accredited instructors are proud to conduct their driving lessons in modern fully insured dual-controlled driving school vehicles.


No Stress Guaranteed


When you learn to drive with us here is what you'll get... They'll be no stress or shouting when on lesson. We strive to provide a driving lesson experience that is calm, relaxed and safe. At Metro Driving School this is a standard we pride ourselves on.

Fast Track Your Learning

Are you under 25? Then you'll need to log a minimum of 100 hours driving. You can rest easy though. Book 10 driving lessons with us and it will count as 30 logged hours. You'll have those P's in no time You'll have those P's in no time!


Male and Female Instructors


We have male and female instructors all over Wynnum ready to help you learn to drive safely, log those hours fast and pass the driving test first time.

Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers Wynnum

Learning to drive can complete change someones life. And at Metro Driving School it only take 60 seconds. Build your personalised gift voucher online and send it to that special someone.


RACQ Approved Metro Driving School  Wynnum 

Driving Lessons in Wynnum

  •   Get the driving lessons you need to pass your test
  •   RACQ-Approved driving school  for your peace of mind
  •   Only the most experienced driving instructors
  •   Tailoring driving lessons to suit your specific needs
  •   Driving lesson packages at affordable prices
  •   Drive safer, late-model vehicles

Competitive prices making learning to drive affordable

It’s never been easier to get the education you need to stay safe on the road. Metro Driving School Wynnum proudly provides a range of driving lesson packages to learners across Wynnum, helping everyone learn the right way. With affordable introductory driving lesson packages, every learner can get the support they need, no matter their budget.

Those first few times you step behind the wheel can be some of the most nerve-wracking, so our school offers introductory packages to help make them easier and more instructive, and get your driving career off to a great start. Don’t be forced to choose between the quality of your education and your wallet – get the best of both and sign up with Metro Driving School!

Qualified and knowledgeable instructors

We know how important getting the right teacher is, so we ensure that you’re always working with the very best. Our dedication to has led to us being fully accredited by the RACQ, ensuring that you’re working with the best of the best.

Our instructors know that no two drivers are the same, so expect our lessons to be unique to you, taking into account your existing knowledge, your confidence, your learning style and your goals. However you drive, expect a calm environment, ensuring that you can feel at ease behind the wheel.

The easy way to book your driving lessons

We all know fitting in the time for a lesson can be difficult between work and family, so we make it simple to find the slot that suits you. Just select your preferred time and date through our handy online booking system, pick your lesson type and you’re ready to go!

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