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A great driving lesson deal for Nerang beginners!

The Best Driving Lessons Nerang has to offer


Welcome! So you or someone you know is embarking on a life changing adventure: learning to drive in Nerang.

Or maybe that adventure has already started and the pressure is on... the driving test is booked and it's time to get test ready!

You can stop all the worrying. We can help take the pressure off...

Or perhaps you're just wondering "how much are driving lessons in Nerang?"

It's a good question. Pricing is important. No one wants to waste money. Which is why we offer a 100% money back guarantee to all our new students so you can feel safe putting your trust in us when you book with one of our approved driving instructors.

Since its inception in 1965, Metro Driving School has earned a sturdy reputation built on reliability and trust providing quality driving lessons at cheap prices all across Brisbane and we are an RACQ Approved Driving School on a mission to make Queensland's road safer...

But that's enough about us...

Let's look at how we can help you...

We can cater to almost any requirement.

We have:

  •   experienced male and female trainers in Nerang
  •   professional manual and automatic driving instructors in Nerang
  •   a wide range of driving lesson packages at affordable prices

And we have an easy to use booking system
that enables you to book a driving lesson anytime,
day or night.

You don't even need to pick up the phone to get started. Just enter Nerang as the suburb where you would like your driving lesson to take place. Then you can view which instructors we have operating in Nerang. Choose an instructor. Then choose a date and time from their diary. And you're all set to start... Easy as! Give it a try...



Being young these days is hectic and tough. Want picking up from school? We can do that. Want dropping off at your Gold Coast home? No problem.

A Modern Fleet

If you've ever tried to drive a old classic car you'll now that however cool it feels, it is a lot harder to learn to drive in. All of our accredited instructors are proud to conduct their driving lessons in modern fully insured dual-controlled driving school vehicles.


Calm, Friendly Nerang Instructors


All our instructors have been hand chosen because of their calm and friendly demeanor. That means no shouting, no yelling and no stress. At Metro Driving School you'll learn to drive at your own pace.

Log those hours fast

You're going to need to log 100 supervised hours if you are under 25 years of age. Don't panic though. Book 10 driving lessons with us and it will be counted as 30 in you log book. You'll have your logbook filled and P plates in hand sooner than you think. You'll have those P's in no time!


Male and Female Instructors


We have male and female instructors all over Nerang ready to help you learn to drive safely, log those hours fast and pass the driving test first time.

Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers Gold Coast

Thinking up unique gift ideas can be tricky. How about this? Create a Metro Driving School custom gift voucher online as a gift for your son, daughter or loved one and change someones life forever.


RACQ Approved Metro Driving School Nerang

Delivering Driving Lessons to Nerang

      •   Do you dream of a life feeling completely at ease behind the wheel?
      •   Are you looking for quality service at a competitive price?
      •  Looking for the best driving instructors available?
      •   Wanting to have the best chance in getting your QLD license? Our team of experts are ready to help. Call or book online today to secure your spot at the Metro Driving School in Nerang. Everything you need to know to be a safe and confident driver!

Searching for professional driving instructors in Nerang to deliver professional  driving lessons in Nerang then your search is over with Metro Driving School Nerang will get on road sooner 

Make Sure You Book Your First Lesson with RACQ approved Metro Driving School Nerang!

Valuable Experience at a Low Price

The road is a dangerous place if you’re not confident in your driving abilities. Learning to drive safely shouldn’t come at an unreasonable cost. At Metro Driving School Nerang, we want to help you find that confidence and be on the road sooner rather than later. We will maintain the primary focus of safety above all. That is why we offer competitive rates for driving lessons across our driving packages. Learning from experienced, knowledgeable instructors is important to ensure you’re receiving the best quality driving lessons, not just for your safety but for the safety of other road users. Our unbeatable price does not skimp on value as we employ only the best instructors for your benefit.

Practical, Handy Booking Service

You’ve found the driving school that allows you flexibility and ease when booking your lessons, combined with quality service and knowledgeable instructors. Book on our user-friendly online booking system and make your appointment with one of our friendly driving instructors and, regardless of your experience, Metro Driving will have you on the road, driving as soon as possible. Instead, if you’d rather speak to a real person, give us a call and book a lesson today .

Superior, Experienced Instructors

Our team of instructors consists of only the most experienced and highly qualified leaders in on-road supervision. We place a high priority on safety and come with the assurance that you are free to feel comfortable and content under their wing. Metro Driving Nerang believes that confidence on the road is one of the main factors in assuring constant success while behind the wheel. Each of our instructors emphasise safety while maintaining a close, trusting and encouraging relationship with their students.

Call Metro Driving School or book online today to take advantage of the competent, hassle-free service at Metro Driving Nerang, Beenleigh, Cleveland, Caboolture, Redcliffe and Forest Lake!

Instructors in Nerang

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