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with Metro Driving School
And you'll get your Indooroopilly driving lessons done faster,
cheaper and pass your driving test like a boss!

Indooroopilly Payment Plan
just $25 Per Week

A 10 lesson package paid over (26 weeks) 6 months


A great driving lesson deal for Indooroopilly beginners!

The Best Driving Lessons Indooroopilly has to offer


Welcome! So you or someone you know is embarking on a life changing journey: learning to drive in Indooroopilly.

Or possibly that adventure has already started and the pressure is on... the driving test is booked and it's time to get test ready!

No need to worry. We can help take the pressure off...

Or maybe you're just thinking "how much are driving lessons in Indooroopilly?"

It's a good question. Price is important. No one wants to waste money. Which is why we offer a 100% money back guarantee to all our new students so you can feel safe putting your faith in us when you book with one of our approved driving instructors.

Since its inception in 1965, Metro Driving School has earned a sturdy reputation built on reliability and trust providing superior driving lessons at affordable prices all across Brisbane and we are an RACQ Approved Driving School on a mission to make Queensland's road safer...

But that's enough about us...

Let's look at how we can help you...

We can cater to almost any requirement.

We have:

  •   knowledgeable male and female instructors in Indooroopilly
  •   specialist manual and automatic driving instructors in Indooroopilly
  •   a wide range of driving lesson packages at affordable prices

And we have an easy to use booking system
that enables you to book a driving lesson anytime,
day or night.

You don't even need to pick up the phone to get started. Just enter Indooroopilly as the suburb where you would like your driving lesson to take place. Then you can view which instructors we have operating in Indooroopilly. Choose an instructor. Then choose a date and time from their diary. And you're all set to start... Easy as! Give it a try...

Flexible Indooroopilly lesson locations


We understand that young adults have busy lives. Want picking up from school? We can do that. Want dropping off at your Indooroopilly home? No problem.

A Modern Fleet

All our fully accredited West Brisbane driving instructors drive clean modern dual controlled automatic and manual vehicles so rest easy because you're in safe hands.


No Stress Guaranteed


All our instructors have been hand chosen because of their calm and friendly demeanor. That means no shouting, no yelling and no stress. At Metro Driving School you'll learn to drive at your own pace.

Fast Track Your Learning

You're going to need to log 100 supervised hours if you are under 25 years of age. Don't panic though. Book 10 driving lessons with us and it will be counted as 30 in you log book. You'll have your logbook filled and P plates in hand sooner than you think. You'll have those P's in no time!


Female Instructor in West Brisbane


We get requests all the time for male and female instructors. The good news is we have both male and female driving instructors all over West Brisbane. Give us a call today to book your lessons now.

Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers West Brisbane

Learning to drive can complete change someones life. And we make it easy. Build your personalised gift voucher online and send it to that special someone.


 Book your Indooroopilly Driving Lesson now         with an Indooroopilly Driving School

If you are searching for  local driving instructor in Indooroopilly or Driving School in Indooroopilly  to help improve your skills, and set you on the path to complete your test, look no further than Metro Driving School Indooroopilly . Our competent and dedicated instructors will develop an individualised driving lessons that suit your individual learning style precisely.

Our instructors are dedicated to your needs, and will ensure each lesson is constructed to suit you. Whether it’s your first lesson or you’re just about ready to take the test, we’re able to adapt our lesson format to suit you. This is the reason we’re among the top rated schools in Indooroopilly.

Your lesson is designed for you, and you alone

When you’re in a lesson, we’ll pay utmost attention to your needs, devoting ourselves to your success. This means our instructors will put their phones away for the duration of the lesson, paying attention solely to your skills development and the unique driving conditions. We’ll develop a plan that targets your weakest skills areas and works on ways to improve on your existing skill set. Our step by step plan means you will build skills cumulatively, not progressing to the next stage until you’ve mastered the one before it.

We follow statewide laws and road rules to craft a curriculum that will get you driving safely in Queensland and throughout Australia. We want nothing more than to keep you safe while driving – this includes in the lessons, while taking the test, and when hitting the road as a solo driver.

Even more important, we ensure each of our lessons is kept as cost-effective as possible so you receive utmost value for money. There’s no point forking out an exorbitant amount of money but not seeing any return; we ensure there is value packed into every lesson.

Call Metro Driving School Indooroopilly or book online today to take advantage of the competent, hassle-free service.

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