Auchenflower Driving Lessons with Metro Driving School

RACQ Approved Metro Driving School Auchenflower

Need Driving Lessons in Auchenflower ?

  •   Tailored driving lessons to support every learner in Auchenflower
  •   RACQ Approved driving school
  •   Driving Lessons that teach you to be a confident and safe driver
  •  Experienced and friendly driving instructors
  •  Competitive prices
  •   Safe, late-model vehicles

No Compromise on Quality

Start your driving lessons in Auchenflower the right way with help from the experts. Metro Driving School is the best choice for Auchenflower learners. We provide competitive prices on driving lessons without compromising on quality.

Introductory prices and lesson packages mean it has never been easier to start building the skills you need to be a safer, more confident driver. It has never been easier to get affordable, quality driving lessons.

Learn more with our talented instructors

Metro Driving School Auchenflower is RACQ approved and offers the chance to learn from some of the most qualified and skilled instructors in Brisbane. We can offer lessons in both manual and automatic cars and are ready to help you learn to be a responsible road user.

We personalise each lesson to the specific needs of each student, ensuring that you’re getting the attention you need where you need it, so you can feel confident in the run up to your test. A focus is put on creating a calm learning environment for our students where they don’t feel rushed, ensuring that they’re given the time they need to master each skill before moving onto the next one.

Learn from knowledgeable and experienced instructors

Metro Driving School is proudly RACQ-approved, guaranteeing that you are always getting one of the best education experiences in the city. You will only work with experienced and qualified instructors chosen for the depth and the breadth of their teaching and driving knowledge. Every lesson will be tailored to your specific needs, so you are always receiving the education you need to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

We know having a calm learning environment is conducive towards being more comfortable and confident on the road, and so provide this for all our students. Our instructors tailor their lessons to ensure the students are learning all the skills they need and turning their weaknesses into strengths.

Book a lesson when you are free

We know how difficult it can be to fit in a driving education around work, school and social commitments so we have make booking lessons easy. Just jump on to our online booking portal, choose your date, time and type of lesson and wait for our confirmation. With our system, you can book a huge number of lessons well in advance, ensuring that you are getting the consistent, high-quality skills you need to be a safer driver.

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