Testimonials - Shaun Marshall

5 Stars

(PP) Donna Kiely

Thank you Shaun for your great mentoring and expertise, this helped me immensely with passing my test with flying colours!

5 Stars

Jimmy Po

Shaun has been very supportive and helping throughout the lessons, Wonderful experience to have him as my instructor!

5 Stars

Kadri Hiovein

Thank you Shaun M for helping me to learn how to drive which lead me to passing the test today in first go !! I always had a fear of driving and he let me overcome that fear, by always staying positive and most importantly calm - making jokes to keep me cool and on track/focused ! Considering the fact that I never driven in my life Shaun still managed to get me ready and confident in a short time !! So thanks again : )

5 Stars

Kayla Wiegold

Shaun’s exceptional competence and friendly nature made for a relaxed, safe, and productive learning experience over the course of my driving lessons and test day. I would recommend Shaun’s expertise to anyone who wants to learn how to drive safely and confidently. :-)

5 Stars


Before going to Metro I tried two other driving schools. Changing to Metro was the best thing I did.

Shaun Marshall at Metro is an excellent driving instructor, punctual, very patient, professional and certainly knows how to put a learner at ease. Unlike other the instructors I had experience with, Shaun gave me his undivided attention during our lessons. He did not use his mobile phone and he switched the radio off.

I was a senior learner (now driver) and I have no hesitation in recommending Shaun Marshall to anyone wishing to learn to drive.

5 Stars

Tayla Rae Burgess

Thanks so much Shaun. You helped Tayla-Rae feel at ease and your lesson prior to the test was no doubt a huge contribution to helping Tayla-Rae pass her test.

5 Stars

Genevieve Harriss

Great driving school, instructor was patient and helpful the whole time, It was very easy to book lessons. great service

5 Stars

Jack Coles

I spent about 6 hours driving with Shaun including a one hour lesson before my P's test (which I recommend you do). He was always able to give direction and explain things in an easy to understand way. He has a pleasant personality and I honestly think the reason I past my P's test on my first try was largely due to his guidance. If you're looking for a great instructor; I highly recommend Shaun.

5 Stars

Marian Ryan

After having 2 × 1.5hrs driving practice with Shaun, I passed my driving test. Thanks for your patience Shaun and to Metro Driving for your help. I will forever treasure the moment of passing the test.

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