Testimonials - Mark Khan

5 Stars

Olivia Noller

Loved having mark. Made me feel very confident for my test and made me comfortable when driving with him.

5 Stars

Natasha Murthy

I had 2 classes with Julian and all the rest with Mark . I sat my test at Sherwood at passed at the first attempt .
Mark helped me close the gap with what I hadn't mastered with learning from my parents and finessed my driving skills and got me ready for the test .

Mark was extremely patient and very clear in his teaching skills with myself .
He went above and beyond helping me understand what is required to be a SAFE driver and I will not hesitate giving his name to my friends younger siblings that are in need of a good teacher .


5 Stars

Grace Hunter

Metro driving is a great place to learn how to drive, with very professional driving instructors. I was able to get my hours done quickly and pass my test with confidence. If you are learning to drive and looking for a place to do your lessons I would highly recommend Metro Driving.

5 Stars

Tahni Smith

I've had many compliments on the way I drive and each time full credit has been given to Mark. He is an amazing instructor, he's extremely approachable, friendly, kind, and helpful. I would not be half the driver if it wasn't for him, everyone who has asked me for an instructor i have and will continue to recommend him. He was ALWAYS punctual, and happy to take on everything i did with a smile and with a certain willingness to help and guide me to achieve the best possible driver I could be.

Thank you so much !

5 Stars

Laura Slebos

I am writing to express my gratitude to Mark, he is approachable, kind, caring, punctual, considerate, funny and overall a great driving instructor. Not only does he teach you the rules on how to drive he taught me to anticipate traffic and be both a safe and confident driver. He is a fantastic teacher who is extremely friendly and easy to talk to and is always happy to answer my questions. If it wasn’t for him I would not have passed my driving test with no errors. I really appreciate everything he’s done for me and I have and continue to recommend him to my friends and family.
- Laura

5 Stars

Bradley Nuttall

Mark was absolutely amazing. He was extremely kind and understanding. This gave me the confidence to pass my driving test with flying colours and feel safe being on the road by myself once I got my license.

5 Stars

Camille Donido

I would like to express my gratitude to Mark, without him I will not pass my driving exam in one go. He is without a doubt the best instructor I ever had. He is very friendly and patient. Mark is knowledgeable with what he does as he will take the time to explain everything to me making sure that I will do the right thing thus, will prevent future accidents. Also, every booking i had went smoothly, all thanks to Danielle. Overall, I will definitely recommend Metro driving to my family and friends special Mark.

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