Yeerongpilly Driving Lessons with Metro Driving School

Yeerongpilly’s Preferred RACQ Approved Driving School

Professional Driving Lessons in Yeerongpilly

  •   Approved driving school by the RACQ
  •   Only the most experienced instructors
  •   Driving Lesson plans structured to you
  •   Affordably priced Driving lessons
  •   Late-model vehicles for the safest drive
  •   Making quality Driving lessons affordable

The smart choice in driving Lessons

Metro Driving School offers more to students across Yeerongpilly, providing the driving lessons you need to feel safe and confident on the road without breaking the bank, getting your driving lessons you need to start driving the right way from day one has never been easier.

Local Driving Instructors in Yeerongpilly

Searching for a local driving instructor in Yeerongpilly giving Professional driving lessons in Yeerongpilly  - RACQ Approved  Metro Driving School  Yeerongpilly is the answer– we’ll show you the skills to be a competent safe driver 

Our introductory packages are the perfect way to learn to drive. Book your free one-hour Keys2Drive lesson with one of our instructors, helping you understand the basics fast. Make the right decision when learning to drive and choose Metro Driving School.

Learn from the professionals

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Metro Driving School is proud to be a fully RACQ-certified Driving School, meaning that we’ve reached one of the highest standards in the driving school industry. Every one of our instructors has been chosen for their experience and their knowledge, ensuring that you’re always learning from instructors who understand safe driving better than anyone.

We know how important it is for students to learn their own way, so we customise our lessons to suit your learning style, ensuring that you get the attention you need to feel confident on test day. Learn how to drive the right way in a calm,safe environment with Metro Driving School.

The smarter choice to your licence

Book your time today with Metro Driving School the easy way thanks to our convenient online portal. Just pick your preferred time and date and select a lesson type. It’s never been easier to fit in a comprehensive education around even the busiest lifestyles with our help.

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