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  • RACQ Approved Metro Driving School Springfield
  •   Are you wanting to obtain your driver’s licence quickly?
  •   Are you searching for a driving school where safety is our number one concern?
  •   Are you looking to have customised driving lessons to your needs?
  •   Are you searching for excellent service at a competitive price?
  • Looking for driving schools Springfield or Driving lessons  Springfield then get on the road safely with Metro Driving School Springfield – we’ll teach you the secrets to being a competent driver and will help you pass your driving test with confidence.

  • Whether you’re just starting out as a learner driver or are about to take your test to get your probationary license, we’re able to develop a tried-and-tested curriculum that targets your weaker areas and improves on your best.

    This will set you up for success come exam day, when you’ll be required to meet a certain level in order to pass. We’ll keep you aware of these criteria, and will work with you at every step of the way to improve your performance in each area.

    What’s more, we ensure you are kept safe while on the road. Our gradated learning system means that you won’t be made to do anything before you are ready, and we make sure you have the right foundation skills before moving on to more difficult activities.

    Learn to drive the right way. Metro Driving School offers a range of affordable lesson packages, ensuring everyone in Springfield can find a quality education on their budget, learning to drive the right way is within everyone’s reach.

    Work with knowledgeable, experienced instructors

    Metro Driving School is proudly RACQ-approved, guaranteeing that you’re always getting one of the best education experiences in Springfield. You’ll only work with experienced and qualified instructors chosen for the depth and the breadth of their teaching and driving knowledge. Every lesson will be tailored to your specific needs, so you’re always receiving the education you need to turn your weaknesses into strength.

    We know how difficult it can be to fit in a driving education around work, school, social commitments and more, so we make booking lessons easy. Just jump on to our online booking portal, pick your preferred length of lesson, select your date and time and lock it in. With our system, you can book a huge number of lessons well in advance, ensuring that you’re getting the consistent, high-quality tutelage you need to be a safer driver.
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