Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer

Just a little bit about myself.  I’ve been driving both manual and automatic vehicles for over 30 years plus have ridden  motorcycles.  I thoroughly enjoy driving and the freedom it brings. With my experience of riding motorcycles, it’s made me very aware of my surroundings and what hazards to look out for.

With all the skills I have learned over the many years of driving, I now look forward to assisting the many new drivers of today. I anticipate to teach my new drivers (you) appropriate and safe vehicle operation, hazard recognition and perception development, safe driving behaviour instruction, defensive driving techniques, observation and scanning techniques, developing deeper thinking and lastly logical reasoning. All while instilling good driving habits and behaviours, so that you (my new driving student) are test ready on the day and are fully confident in obtaining your driving license.

Rest assured that you will feel very comfortable under my instruction. I am patient, caring and friendly and will always do my utmost to put you at ease behind the wheel.

So, I look forward to meeting you and teaching you the skills you need to be that safe driver on our roads.  

Drive safe! & Be prepared!

Reviews 5 Star Rating


Thanks to Timothy Boast, an excellent, patient and knowledgeable instructor, we thought Georgia was ready for her test after completed 100 hours of driving, but the mock test Tim put her through proved otherwise and Tim was able to help fill in the gaps with Georgia's driving and had her test ready within 48 hours, when the real test happened it turned out to be near perfect! thanks again to Tim and Metro Driving School. Happy to recommend!


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