Shaun Marshall

Hi, I'm Shaun and my passion is to teach.

In the past I have taught guitar in schools in the UK and now I love to teach safe driving on the roads.

I have over 25 years of experience of both car and heavy vehicles, and to this date have not had any road traffic accidents resulting in ZERO CLAIMS! My accreditation is Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport Car Driving Instruction) and my experience and hands on approach is much more!

My teaching style is practical for every situation that arises on the road, promoting awareness and observational skills. Im a great communicator that builds confidence towards a "can do" attitude in making quick and necessary decisions on the spot. I put the emphasis on safety at all times. I have a calm, patient and friendly manner resulting in an enjoyable learning experience. My goal is to develop new drivers into responsible, skilled and safe drivers for life!

Behind the scenes I am also part of Australia's biggest Bee Gees tribute show called UK Bee GeeZ! My experience of many years behind the steering wheel will keep you 'Staying Alive' ;-) Lets get on the road to success!

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