Reasons why you should hire a professional driving instructor

By Stuart
Driving Lessons

Why hire a professional Driving Instructor?

1. Safety first. When you begin learning to drive there are a lot of new processes. These will become second nature in time, but for the moment they demand your focus. With your attention drawn between so many new actions it is easy to become overwhelmed and make mistakes – especially under pressure. This is why when something goes wrong it can be very hard for learners to correct it before it becomes dangerous. In a Metro Driving School car, your professional driving instructor has their own set of pedals and is always ready to take the wheel.

2. Professional driving instructors keep themselves up to date with what driving examiners are looking out for. That’s why they’re a great resource for learning how to pass the driving test and get your P plates, rather than failing on minor details and avoidable mistakes. Better still, the first ten hours learning with a driving school count for three hours each. They are some of the most valuable learning experiences you will get. So you can affordably fill your hours faster and sit your test sooner with a greater chance of passing.

3. Metro Driving School instructors are experienced with learner drivers. They’ve seen every mistake before and won’t freak out or make judgements. Professional instructors are careful to watch for subtle bad habits, which may be missed by a less experienced supervisor, and catch them before they form. Daily experience teaching learners various skills mean they know the Brisbane roads and which areas are the best for learning specific aspects of safe driving.

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