Media release – Budget Direct Interactive for Road Safety Week

By Stuart
Driver Safety

‘Please slow down’: Budget Direct’s Road Safety Interactive is an important reminder to all motorists

Brisbane, August 2017 – Budget Direct has collaborated with CARRS-Q in the production of an informative interactive resource aimed at keeping Queenslanders safe on the road.

With over 1300 road deaths in Queensland in 2016 and 21% of Queenslanders admitting to speeding regularly, the resource looks at how we can make driver behaviour better on our roads.

Budget Direct Community Manager Gerry O-Shaughnessy said it’s important to get behind an initiative like Road Safety week to encourage safer use of the roads.

“It’s such an automatic part of our lives that we don’t really give it a second thought – despite the fact that driving is statistically one of the most dangerous things we do in the course of a typical day,” O-Shaughnessy said.

“When it comes to safety in and around vehicles, all of us can use as much sensible advice as we can get. So we encourage you to take a look at the interactive resource and become informed on the important topics around road safety.”

The interactive resource draws attention to a different road safety issue over the five days through a range of formats including interactive tests (where you can see how dangerous driving under the influence would be), interactive data (that shows you the high speed states in Australia), infographics, facts sheets and more.

Queensland Road Safety Week dates are Monday August 21- Friday August 25. If there are any Road Safety Week events happening en route, make sure you get involved.

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