Reasons why you should hire a professional driving instructor

Why hire a professional Driving Instructor?

1. Safety first. When you begin learning to drive there are a lot of new processes. These will become second nature in time, but for the moment they demand your focus. With your attention drawn between so many new actions it is easy to become overwhelmed and make mistakes – especially under pressure. This is why when something goes wrong it can be very hard for learners to correct it before it becomes dangerous. In a Metro Driving School car, your professional driving instructor has their own set of pedals and is always ready to take the wheel.

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Metro Driving is the best driving school in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

Metro Driving provides you with everything that you want in a driving school.

  •  Cheap driving lessons
  •  Expert instructions from qualified instructors
  •  Safe modern vehicles
  •  Instructors in various locations for your convenience
  •  Everything you need to become a competent and confident driver

Affordable driving lessons

Metro Driving provides quality instruction for very cheap rates – it’s unbelievable value for money. Although we offer affordable rates we don’t compromise when it comes to quality. We ensure that all our students receive professional instruction that will enable them to be skilled and confident drivers.

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Welcome To Metro Driving School

Welcome To Metro Driving School

Metro is an RACQ approved Driving School and is one of the longest established Driving Schools in Brisbane. Since its inception in 1965 it has earned an excellent reputation as a reliable and ethical driving school providing quality instruction at a reasonable price.

Why choose us?

At Metro, we pride ourselves on our high standard of tuition. By learning with us, you are ensuring the best chance of success and many years of safe driving! The secret of becoming a confident and competent driver is to choose a school and an instructor who understands your individual needs – whose expertise, patience, and guidance will turn an otherwise stressful occasion into a positive and rewarding experience.

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Payment Plan

Metro Driving School Payment Plan $25 Per Week


Purchase 10 lesson package paid over (26 weeks) 6 months

Metro Driving School offer a payment plan to assist you in having driving lessons at prices you can afford $25 per week for 26 weeks (if your under 18 you will require an adult to enter the payment arrangement).

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